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                 Frequent Ask Questions

Q. What is the minimum age requirement to work on the cruise ships?
A. In order for you to work on board a ship you must be a minimum of 21 years of age.

Q. What kind of employees are the cruise lines looking for?
A. The cruise lines are looking for individuals who have excellent communication skills and enjoy working with the public. They are looking for staff who are enthusiastic, friendly and outgoing. It is important to make a positive and lasting impression with the passengers. Appearance is important. Employees must be clean and well groomed at all times. In short, they are looking for hardworking individuals who enjoy people and take pride in themselves and their work.

Q. How long are the contracts?
A. Contracts vary, but maximum of 5years. Contracts can be renewed. Career path advancement is possible. Most positions are entry level, as most cruise lines promote from within based on job performance.

Q. What will I earn?
A. Salaries are competitive with those in the marketplace. In general the range is between $2,000.00 and $9,000.00 US per month, base on your position and responsibilities.

Q. Who will I work with?
A. You will work with crew members who represent nationalities from all over the world. Appreciating and understanding other peoples' differences and values will make your job more rewarding and create some lasting friendships. You will report to your Hotel Manager and your Department Head. However, the Captain is the Master of the ship and is in authority at all times. All shipboard employees must abide to the Master's Rules and Regulations.

Q. What will my responsibilities be?
A. Your responsibilities will depend on the position you are hired for. In addition to these duties, you are required to participate in training/safety drills and gangway duty. Team work is integral to the position.

Q. What are some of the policies I will have to follow?
A. Officers are responsible for the smooth sailing and operation of the ship. There are rules and regulations that are set out for all employees as these policies are necessary to maintain the safety and well being of all on board. The public facilities are for the passengers to enjoy. Use of these facilities are limited or not permitted. You are expected to behave and dress professionally on and off duty. Excessive drinking or socializing is not tolerated either on or off duty. You are not permitted to mingle with the passengers when you are off duty.

Q. If I am hired, what documentation will I require?
A. If you are Canadian or US citizen, you require a valid passport. If you hold another international passport, you will required a visa which our company will assist you to obtained as soon as you complete all registration procedures. 

Q. How long will it take to obtain a position?
A. Vacancies are already available, you will resume work immediately your visa documents processing is completed after your registration and as soon as you arrive in Canada.

Q. What benefits will I receive?
A. Benefits include your room, board and all meals. Our cruise ship companies also provide you with emergency medical insurance when you are signed on the ship as an employee.

Q. What expenses will I incur on board?
A. Your expenses are minimal, making it possible for you to save a considerable amount of money. Of course, the amount you save will depend on your own spending habits. 

Q. What taxes will I be responsible for?

A. No taxes are deducted from your salary if you are not a US Citizen. Canadian citizens are obligated in reporting their income to Revenue Canada.

Q. What hours will I work?
A. Working on board a cruise ship is not a holiday. You will work long hours. You can expect to work seven days a week, approximately 8 - 12 hours a day. Your schedule will vary from day to day.

Q. What will my living quarters be like?
A. The ship is a floating hotel and space is limited. Cabins are small and simple. You will share accommodations with 1 - 2 crew members, if the need arise. It is important that you get along with others and that you exercise patience and diplomacy. If you value your private time and enjoy being alone, ship board life is not for you.

Q. How will I spend my off duty time?
A. When you are off duty, you can relax in your cabin or socialize with other crew members in designated areas. Staff and crew are not permitted to socialize with the passengers. Staff and crew have limited, if any, access to public areas.

Q. Will I visit the ports?
A. Visiting exciting destinations is only one of the many benefits of working on board a luxury cruise liner. When the ship is in dock and you are off duty, you will have some shore leave.


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